Loa trợ giảng cao cấp UKK X50

Thương hiệu: Giitech
Mã sản phẩm: UKKX50
Tình trạng kho: Còn hàng
699,000 ₫
Giá VAT: 699,000 ₫
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* Portable and Colorful Super Powerful Voice Amplifier/Speaker. Unique in shape and appearance, Light weight design. Body Size: 3.39'' * 1.57'' * 4.61'' . Material: Imported ABS and UV Technology.

* Rechargeable and replaceable 2200 mAh lithium batteries that standby time can lasts 18~22 hours, more than 12 hours of continuous use after a full charge. * Professional sound amplifying circuit, amplifying sound (Reverberation sound). Support AUX audio input, can be used as computer speaker; support TF Card (Not more than 32GB) music player, can directly play MP3,WMA,WAV format audio.

* Besides the FM stereo radio function, auto-search and save radio stations, it also can be used as a 2200 mAh power bank for emergency use.

* Comes with adjustable waist or neck band and a removable belt clip, headset microphone, comfortable and Perfect for Teachers, Coaches, Tour Guides, Presentations ect.


Voice Amplifier Waist Band Clip with FM TF MP3 Powerbank for Tour Guides, Teachers Caution:

1. Please in room temperature environment storage and use

2. Please don’t use it under the high humidity and temperature environment for a long time

3. Please turn off and take out the battery if long time not to use.

4. Do not throw, avoid damage caused by falling

5. Do not disassemble the repair and reconstruct the product

6. The external lithium battery of the product, please do not arbitrarily discarded or to the fire, so as to avoid the risk!


Style: Headset Microphone

Communication: Wired Set

Type: Single Microphone

Transducer: Condenser Microphone

Use: Conference Microphone Polar

Patterns: Omnidirectional


USB/TF Card: Yes

FM Radio:Yes

Repeat: Yes

Recording: No

Loop play back: Yes

Fast forward & Fast backward: Yes

AUX: Yes

Reverberation: Yes

Including Wall Charger: No

Basic function: Music-FM-Voice amplifier-Power Bank

Material: ABS/UV

Output power: 5W

Input Power: Power Adapter/USB/ Li-ion

Sensitivity: 80db

Distortion: 1%(3.7v,1Khz,1W)

Working Voltage: DC 3.7V

Charging voltage: DC 5.0V

Llithium Battery Capacity: 2200mAH

Impedance: 2 Ω

Display: LED

Speaker: 2.5 inch *1

Audio Format: MP3/WMA/WAV

Firmware Upgrade: Unavailable

Operating Temperature: -5 to 40 Centigrade Degree

Package Content: 1* Voice Amplifier 1* User manual 1* USB Cable 1* 2200 mAh replaceable Battery 1* Waistband Belt 1* Professional Wired headset Microphone

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